Cocktails or Hiking Trails? 

IIf you’re not opposed to being outside and on your feet for hours to even more lengthy periods of time, then Backpacking and Trekking are right up your alley. When the average person thinks about a holiday, they think of fun and exciting things which often include relaxing bodies of water and one too many […]

Why Solo Travel is the Best Decision You’ll Make

My first solo trip was to Mexico City, circa 2016. It was 4 days, 4 nights and by far one of the best vacations I’ve ever taken. I bought the tickets somewhat impulsively before telling anyone what I was doing (but after a modest bit of research). Once I started letting friends and family know […]

Let’s Plan Your Next “Where To?”

So you’ve got the travel bug.    Where to next? This is the question that often sits in the minds of many travel enthusiasts. With Christmas holidays approaching and even though we’re still in a pandemic, traveling has started to feel alright again.  Whether it’s a group trip, solo trip, family oriented or even a […]