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Sydney Opera House

Make the World Your Gift Shop

It’s time for a souvenir you can actually use! We’re past the fridge magnet age. Collect geo-located NFTs at your favourite destinations and proudly display these digital keepsakes for friends and family to see.

The Power of Utility

Utility NFTs can get you a table at the newest restaurant in town, or help you discover a hidden landmark that only the locals would know.

Explore like a Tourist. Experience like a Local.

Whether in your home country or a new land, discover all the experiences your location has to offer. Search for and discover unique collectible souvenir artworks, designed and minted by local artists

Calling all Artists.. Paint the Town Your Way!

Express your creativity and love for your town with digital art pieces. Get paid with royalties on each piece sold. 


Sharing thoughts, perspectives and experiences from the Travel community

Kareem Phillip Jackson

3 August 2022

IIf you’re not opposed to being outside and on your feet for hours to even

The world at your fingertips

Unpluggd Travels is reimagining global movement and exploration for a modern, digital age.
Isnt’ it about time the way we travel caught up to the way we live?


Your travel chest of tips on how to use the Unpluggd Travels app

Absolutely. If you decide you no longer want to hold on to your souvenir, or don’t have enough time to make it to the excursion you had planned, you can trade or transfer your souvenir to other users through the NFT Passport marketplace.

Unpluggd Digital may commission specific works from native artists in our target markets. Alternatively, you can submit a piece for consideration to art@unpluggdtravels.co

Unpluggd Travels will be released as a pilot product in the Caribbean island of Grenada in 2022. Join our mailing list for updates when the pilot drops and when/where we’re available next.

An NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is a tradable, digital collectible that makes it easy to prove ownership of an item online. NFTs are largely associated with digital artwork, but can be used to track and trade just about anything that can be owned. Learn more about NFTs

The world is yours for the minting

A whole new way to plan and document your journeys. It’s Travel. Unpluggd.

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